Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dinner is served.

I am a junior in college, I live with three other guys, and we do not have a meal plan for on-campus dining. Bring on the ramen noodles and easymac, right?

Transitioning into my first year of self-responsibility for food, I was determined to defy the stereotype of the culinarily incompetent, underfed and over-pizza'd college male. If only my roommates liked to cook...

Oh wait. They do.

Scott and Colin required no convincing that making our own delicious meals on a small budget was not only possible, but mandatory.

After one fresh omelet, homemade pesto pasta, and a promise not to serve chicken every evening, Nick was on board, ready to make his own pescetarian contributions to our bold and potentially delicious adventure.

So. This blog.

This blog is both for our benefit and for yours. I am convinced that if we commit to recording our edible endeavors where others can read them, we will challenge ourselves to consistently create meals that are not much money and very much awesome.

With each meal, we will post not only the recipe, but approximately how much it costs per hungry student. Although you'll get a ton of delicious and affordable recipes along the way, our goal is to prove to ourselves, our peers, and our mothers that four college guys can eat restaurant-quality food on a college-quality budget, and share this high-quality experience with anyone else who's willing to try.

Let's eat.

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