Saturday, June 11, 2011

Efficiency. It's like heroine, but healthy.

Because Scott and I were the only two home for dinner last night, we have a TON of leftover pesto pasta. As such, we're not making anything new today. I know that many college students in our position (first year of self-responsibility for food) are hella nervous about how to divide cost, responsibility, etc. Therefore, I offer you our most prized possession:

The Wall of Efficiency.

We record what we spend on milk, cheese, bread, butter and fruit. Scott, Colin and Westin split the cost of chicken (we use it a lot, as you'll soon see). At the end of each month, we pass money around to make up any differences. Otherwise, each individual is expected to pay for the ingredients when it's their night to make dinner.

This has worked really well for us so far. Hope it helps!

Everyone is gone today, so if I find a ride to the grocery store in the next 24 hours, I'll be back tomorrow with something delicious. If not, more leftovers. Happy weekend!

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